5 Amazing Tips to Choose Reliable Led High Bay Lights

Led High Bay Lights

LED technology has revolutionized the concept of lighting across all the business, industrial, and domestic facilities. LED fixtures have emerged as one of the most trusted and reliable lighting appliances. They significantly reduce the cost of energy and provide enhanced efficiency.

A few of the greatest benefits of using LED lights include their eco-friendly manufacturing and minimum maintenance cost. Plus, LED lights help to save a great deal of money and are explosion-proof. The only limitation with LED lights is that they don’t have the power to reach the ground and provide light. However, the technological progression has found a solution for this as well i.e. LED high bay lights.

High bay lights are specially designed to illuminate bigger spaces with tall ceilings. They can either be fixed with the ceiling or hung via chains and hooks on the walls.

This respective article will guide you about how to choose reliable LED high bays. We bring you some amazing tips for a wise decision. So, let’s have a look!

Create a design of your facility

The most important tip to choose an authentic product is to design a layout of your space first. Different spaces require different types of lighting. Therefore, it is better to consider the design

of your space so that you can determine the requirements of your product. If you wish to set the fixture in a storeroom, a light with 30-foot candles will work the best. On the other hand, a warehouse or a retail store would require bright lights with 50-80 foot candles to set up a conducive working environment. Creating a layout will dictate your decision so that you get the best product.

Decide the lumens and watts before

The efficacy of any lighting system is determined by its watts and lumens. Watts generally refers to the measure of the electricity consumed by light. However, lumens present the amount of visible light produced by a fixture. The best part is that LED high bay lights use fewer watts and provide greater lumens.

3 lumens are enough for cubic foot space. So, when choosing a high bay light, specifically look for the lumens and watts, considering the area of your desired space.

Consider the type of high bay lights

High bays have a variety of designs for adapting to many different environments. For instance, linear high bays are large and long and fit in larger spaces. They are a perfect replacement for fluorescent tubes. Another type is UFOs that are typically round and good for high ceiling applications. They are tougher and usually IP rated. Also, there are wide-angled linear bays best for lower ceilings.

Don’t miss out on the color temperature

Color temperature is an important consideration before choosing a LED high bay light. Higher color temperature signifies warm, yellow light and lower temperature is an indication for cooler,

blue light.

Color temperature is measured in Kelvin (K). A 3000K light is best for domestic purposes while a 4000K high bay is a good choice for industrial purposes.

CRI is a must

The color rendering index (CRI) represents the quality of light. A 70+ CRI is considered appropriate for commercial purposes. The higher the CRI, the lesser watts used, and the lesser lumens you need.

LED high bay lights offer unlimited advantages to its users. They are environment-friendly, cost-effective, energy-efficient and what not! If you are tired of paying those heavy electricity

bills, this is the right time to switch to high bay lighting. For acquiring original products, we suggest you consider Patriot LED. They have the finest LED high bay series with all guaranteed, made-in-USA products!