6 Kid friendly restaurants in Burbank- a place where your kids can have fun!

Kid friendly restaurants in Burbank

Taking your children out to a restaurant for a decent dinner is not a piece of cake, right? Therefore, there are many theme-based restaurants where you kids can have fun as well as a satisfactory dinner.

As a parent, you want to choose the best for your kid, whether it is fulfilling the enjoyment or their tummy. Here is a guide about Burbank kids-friendly restaurants you can visit any time.

1. Cafe de olla.

If your kids like healthy and yum breakfast the cafe the olla is the best option in Burbank. They have a separate menu for kids breakfast that includes french toast, pancake, deli and combination deal of small fruit juice, side of potatoes or fruits, a piece of sausage and bacon. Delicious, isn’t it?

2. The front yard restaurant.

This restaurant defines the beauty of Burbank with its open view buffet brunch. If your kid gets bored inside the four walls of the restaurant and torment you about talking a wall outside every few minutes that ruins your dinner then take your kid to front yard restaurant. Children will be amazed by the beauty of outdoor brunch and they can play in the open air while you and your spouse enjoy the view and talk without your kid disturbing you.

3. Granville restaurant.

This restaurant is a combination of culture and integrity. The peaceful environment and bright colour combination bring comfort to your soul. It is also great for kids if you choose to sit on a beautiful rooftop from where your kids can enjoy the view. Is there a big event coming like your kid’s birthday? This kid-friendly restaurant offers to book an event for your child, be it a birthday party or any other celebrations.

4. Simmzy’s restaurant.

If your child is a fan of fast food that this kid-friendly restaurant is the perfect place to visit. They serve you homemade burgers, sandwiches, pizzas and tacos made with special healthy ingredients. The kid menu includes Plain Old Chicken Tenders, Half Pint Cheesburger, Half Pint Burger, Awesome Grilled Cheese, Chicken Taco 6.75, Your Very Own Pizza. Your little one will be very pleased and satisfied with their meal.

5. Beas beas.

Does your child have a sweet tooth? If so then what are you waiting for? Visit beas beas now! They have a full range of sweet and yummy breakfast and brunch that will for sure satisfy the sweet tooth of your kid. In Burbank, this place has got quite much hype because of the incredible taste of dishes made by this family-owned restaurants.

6. Portos bakery cafe.

A birthday of your big boy is coming? He is expecting a surprise but you have not come up with any ideas yet? Let us suggest one. Get a customized cake or cupcakes from portis bakery cafe and take your child there for dining in. The restaurant decorates the table with birthday balloons and plays a birthday song and later serves the customized cake. Is it not amazing? Get your family a fine dinner and great celebrations at portos bakery cafe. One great thing about this restaurant is that the part of their charity goes to funding kid’s donation. They understand the value of a child’s health and therefore it is one of the most kid-friendly restaurants in Burbank.

Now that you know about quite a few kid friendly restaurants in Burbank, take a visit to any of your choices and remember to leave a review so that others might also know what to expect when visiting this restaurant with their family. We hope you and your kids have a great time.