Top Australian Female Wakeboarders

Along with the impressive Australian male wakeboarder standings on the World Wake Association (WWA)’s 2020 World Rankings, Australian female wakeboarders are also making their mark in the scene. Out of the incredibly competitive top 10 female wakeboarder rankings, two are proud Australians. Keep reading to find out how these young Australian women found success in the growingly popular wakeboarding sport and their plans to dominate the global sport.


Top 3 considerations while choosing high bay LED lights

High bay lights, as their name indicates, are used to illuminate places with ceilings ranging from 20-45 feet. They provide a powerful light source and are perfect to light up large spaces. High bay lights found extensive use in the industrial or commercial areas. They are commonly used to brighten up assembly lines, workshops, gyms, factories, recreational facilities, warehouses, etc.