best envelope mockup

A professional mockup makes post cards and envelopes look photorealistic. It leaves a lasting impression to rely on the services of the showcased brand.

It is therefore essential to choose the best envelope mockup that is also easy to customize.

Types of Envelope Mockups

An envelope design gives an idea about the content inside. Like any other product, the packaging has a vital role in making first impression. The major envelope mockup types are used for businesses, remittances, and booklets. All the types can be designed using mockups and the best ones should include features to make them stand out. IS Graphics includes free downloadable cards and envelope mockups for every purpose. All of them have features to fit in your needs.

Choose the Best Features for Ideal Envelope Design

Some of the mockups have tons of options to customize and create a unique design. Let it be an invitation card or business card envelope, you can impress the audience by adding grandness to the design. The fine tuning process of the envelope and card design results in an amazing and stylish presentation. All this depends on the features you choose for the design so you can simple drag and drop the smart objects.


A card mockup with a high resolution and template is where every element can be separated to create your own customized design. A high resolution card has good quality and is highly desired. Go for a good resolution as you would not want to compromise on quality. Whether you want to showcase your creative artwork or brand, preference should be given to a higher resolution.


A shadow overlay is given a separate layer to work on with. It makes the mockup look real. Hard shadows and separates shadows are both features available for free download. Shadows give a touch of life like presentation


Separable items are easy to move and make a customized design. This is a feature to look for when you want to make plenty of alterations in the mockup by moving things here and there. Isolated items is what you should look for. Smart object designs make up for convenient customization and such a template would save your day.

Changeable composition

A template where you can change the background colour as per your requirement is preferable . Moreover scene generators also include envelope mockups in bundles so there are multiple objects to add and move.


A perspective changes the outlook for anything. There are mockup designs with 3 angles on IS Graphics that are more convenient for use. There is also an option to choose open or closed version if the envelope.  The front and back views lets you provide details with a close up.

Wax seal

A wax seal envelope design can be used for a personalized look. The seal saves the packaging and gives more official look to the design.

Overall, a perfect mockup should be easy to edit and showcase your brand well. IS Graphics has all features included in the free to download designs for every purpose. The templates will serve your needs and bring to reality what you had in your mind. Showcasing should never be underrated if you want to leave a lasting impression on your audience.