StarCraft 3 Release Plans by Blizzard – Is there Any Truth About the StarCraft New Game?

Starcraft 3 release date

Starcraft has been an all time favourite real time strategy game since its release.

The new Starcraft game is much awaited as the series has never failed to amaze Starcraft fans. Starcraft 3 news has already flooded the internet with the hype of Starcraft 3 release date.

The Blizzard entertainment has always raised expectations about their next game release because of the previous smash hits. But the fact is that there is no Starcraft release date announced yet. Although this may break the heart of Starcraft fans, the Blizzard franchise has not revealed their plans for a new Starcraft game. It may come as a surprise though in the year 2020.

The composers of the video game, Derek Duke, Jason Hayes, Glenn Stafford, and Tracy W. Bush have put their heart and soul in developing Starcraft. The hard work shows off in the success and fan following of the game.

Rumors About Starcraft 3 Release

Many rumors are circulating about the new Starcraft game but we still have to wait until Starcraft 3 release date announced. The fans are going crazy anticipating what this new game of the series is going to bring for them. But the wait is still not over until Blizzard announces their next game level.

The debut may still take time to appear and conquer the hearts of Starcraft fans. The original Starcraft and Starcraft 2 were released with a gap of 10 years after which the expansions made their appearance. The expansion of the series again took 3 and 4 years but the result has always been tremendous. Overall, the fans had to wait a decade to enjoy their gaming experience with Starcraft to the fullest.

Now, updates from Blizzard Entertainment are much awaited to add more fun. However, there is recent news about expanding their teams for developing the world-famous Warcraft, Candy Crush, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Diablo, and Call of Duty. The announcement did not include Starcraft 3 on the list and so the fans should be ready to wait longer. What’s more happening at Blizzard is that they have recently cancelled a development which was in progress for the last two years. There is no first person shooter being introduced now in Starcraft as they are looking forward to put more resources in other games such as Overwatch and Diablo. These franchises have their name as well and need to be highlighted more by the company.

Blizzard’s Response to Rumors

Blizzard has a huge fan following all over the world because of their massive projects. Although they never feel the need to comment on their unrevealed projects in order to boost the anticipation, they have clarified their decision of putting more efforts into other projects.

The response by the creator was that they usually do not discuss their on going projects with the public as the development process takes time and anything can happen until the release. Such a case has already happened in the past when the company decided to stop moving forward on the project.

The creators also shared that they have always worked with their heart and soul to being out fascinating results for the fans. Being players themselves, they made the decision based on what they thought was best for the company. Although this would have disappointed their fans, they tried their best to keep up their hopes with development plans for other ongoing things.

Blizzard has cancelled its developments in the past as well. So, this was not their first time. They previously made several changes in the third person shooter stealth game, delayed the release and then finally cancelled their plans in the year 2006. Despite all of this, the fans have never fallen short of their Starcraft experience. The news in the year 2017 about Stacraft going free to play was something hue for its fans. Blizzard had also announced the original Starcraft going free in early 2017.

The game has won many awards and been labelled as the best real time strategy game. It is also ranked seventh among the best games that have ever been made. The first release was for Windows in the year 1998 followed by the Mac OS version in 1999. The Nintendo 64 port was released in the following year 2000. Although the game is still able to win the hearts of players, we look forward to an advanced platform with improved features.

The rumours show how anxiously people are waiting for a new version to release although the company is not working on it anymore. The original game is still enjoyed with many series in the follow up. Moreover, the added features make the game even more interesting.

Starcraft – Original Game

Starcraft is a science fiction based real time strategy game owned by Blizzard Entertainment. The game was released in the year 1998 after 3 years of planning. Starcraft is all about dominating 4 types of species somewhere in the milky way galaxy.

The game’s expansion was the next step soon after the initial release was made. The decision for expanding the series was made just days after the original series was concluded. The expansions have always come with new and improved features.

A game with large player base always makes it more popular as more people can easily get their hands on it. Therefore, real time strategy games are made with player base for multiplayers.

Plot of the Starcraft Game

The combat missions were set for the players to accomplish like most of the games. The introductory missions are easier while other battles get more challenging. The events are set and lead to the next battle. The background of Starcraft is much more detailed unlike other video games. The game is given cinematic depth by authors and artists to have a real time experience. This is how a real time strategy video game can make its existence in the world of new games with advanced features.

The different episodes of Starcraft are numbered and the third version is still awaited by the fans. People are also expecting the fourth version to release after the third one which is the true success of Starcraft. Fans are crazy for the video game and want more fun in future.

The background of the universe is well explained through video clips, text stories, and descriptions. The three races featured in Starcraft are renegade human Terrans, the noble psionic Protoss, and the horrific insectoid Zerg. The storyline revolves around these three races. The leaders fight to conquer the universe and each episode has new features for the fans.

The game shows how things are going to be in universe. The milky way galaxy is given the name, The Koprulu sector. All the three species of the game fight to have dominance over the other species. The Terrans, Zerg, and Protoss are all skilled in their own way. The Terrans being humans manage to adapt any situation in the game. They have exiled from Earth and have power to fight the other two intelligent species.

The Zergs are insectoid aliens known to be genetically perfect. The Protoss are the species with advanced technologies and abilitiesda to preserve their civilization. The Protoss have their own strict way of life which is why they fight for it. The powers are assigned to all three species in a balanced way and no one has any advantage over the other.

However, the Zergs have resources that are relatively cheaper and somewhat weaker which cannot overwhelm its enemies. The Terrans, on the other hand have versatile powers. Their access to machinery such as tanks and military weapons makes them fight for dominance. The overall balance of strength still persists between all species.

Starcraft Series – Order of Release

The series has a core set of games released in different years. The titles depict previous game events. The second game after the original Starcraft was Starcraft: Wings of Liberty which was released in the year 2010. This release was made after 4 years of Brood War.

There are two expansions of second part of the game known as Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void. These were planned to be released in the years 2013 and 2015 from the very beginning. The chronological order of the games adds interest for the gamer to continue gaming until the last level.

So, what is the game actually about that makes gamers go crazy for it? The player views the other species as a military commander. He dominates the species and fights them in the Milky way galaxy with his powers.

New Content Added in Starcraft

There is new content added continuously in the Starcraft game to amaze the gamers. The special mission packs, co-op commander missions, and the balancing truckload are all features for the gamers to love even more. The changes made in the original version of Starcraft was critically praised for balancing various issues.

Additional mission packs for Starcraft 2 were announced at the Blizzcon 2015. This definitely made the players more engaged with the game. There are 9 new missions in 3 episodes to achieve with the additions made. Moreover, the added commanders to the Legacy of Void will take you to a whole new level of game.

Starcraft 2

The starcraft fans enjoyed experiencing the new storyline of Starcraft 2. It eventually became a blockbuster with the innovations and smooth gameplay. The Blizzard franchise needed something like Starcraft 2 in the line to become a massive hit. Starcraft 2 had expansions in the follow up as Blizzard delivers the best even through expansion content. The expansions made in the second version won the hearts of players which is why they await the third version so much. People can never forget the impact Starcraft has made on their lives as they have spent hours and hours enjoying the game

The game was made free to play and this opened the gates for online play. It made the fans anticipate even more fun with Starcraft 3. The game reaches out to a larger audience through easy internet access. Hence, there are even more chances for the game to grow further. The game has an immense staying power.

After the success of Starcraft 2, many tournaments were held in Korea and many other parts of the world.

Latest Release

Starcraft: Remastered was the latest release in the year 2017. The version was remastered to update audio and video graphics of the game. The original Starcraft and Brood War expansion are available for free play and download from the Blizzard Website since 2017. The game can be played for free now which is great.

The remastered version of the Starcraft game was made with high definition graphics to improve quality and gaming experience.

What are Starcraft 3 Release Predictions?

The campaign for Starcraft 3 will be something huge keeping the success of Starcraft 2 in mind. This would pose a bigger challenge for the Blizzard Entertainment to live up to their audience’s expectations. Although there are few chances of doing as great as Starcraft 2, the franchise will still work really hard to bring something new this time. Introducing a new evil or creating a prequel of the series is a good idea though.

The fans have already built their expectations too high in anticipation of Starcraft 3 release date. The new Starcraft game has to be worth the wait for the gamers. However, the gamers should be ready to wait for another decade to pass until Starcraft 4 release date gets announced.

Although their is no solid news about the Starcraft 3 release date, fans cannot hold onto their seats until the game actually makes its first appearance. However, the fans assume that they would have to pay a lot of money for the new game. The assumption is based on the huge success of Starcraft 2 and therefor the fans think Blizzard will invest even more in their third instalment. The fans keep raising the pressure as per their expectations although Blizzard has never revealed their plans for any such project in line.

The predictions were made for Blizzard to create a prequel of the series so they wont have to work that hard for the follow up. A fresh ground to work is what will make the project another success, players think. Moreover, players think about Starcraft coming out on a new platform this time. A Linux version of Starcraft 3 is much awaited to enjoy the new adventure.

Other consoles may be considered for the release of Starcraft new game as there are more advanced options to run the game on. The possibility of bringing up a new game with all new advanced features will live up to the expectations players have from Blizzard Entertainment.

Final Verdict

Starcraft is known to have brought new and unique factions in video games. The compelling story is able to grab the attention of the players even after years of the release. The individual traits of the three species have hone through a lengthy and expensive manufacturing process. This eventually makes the quality of the game outstanding. Starcraft has always preferred quality over quantity and it tops its strategy itself.

Blizzard has always taken time in developing and releasing its new games. Starcraft is one of the most polished games it brought in the world of gaming. The company makes sure it delivers the best without disclosing its on going project until they are completed and polished. This means there may still be years to wait until you hear the Starcraft 3 release date announced. The game will most probably be kept under wraps before hitting the shelves.

While it is likely that the Starcraft fans will wait anxiously for the new game to release, there is a possibility for other games to take over in future. The long wait might be risky for the company although they do not believe in hurrying up their tasks without a finish. Bizzard has pioneered real time strategy games and will not want to lose their reputation by launching a game not good enough to top the previous ones. Blizzard should be fair with the players who spent millions of hours on the previous two games.

Whatever the time of release, Starcraft 3 will make new records and break the internet once again. It is predicted to do better than Starcraft 2 and become a super hit. With millions of copies sold for the new game, the craze will take all over again no matter what other games come in future. Who knows the fans look forward for Starcraft 4 release date soon after the third instalment.

It felt like the end of an era for the fans when Starcraft revealed no plans for releasing another version of the game. However, the decision by Blizzard seems logical to put efforts into other projects and not Starcraft 3 this time. The video game raised the bar for all other games soon after its release. Journalists have always praised Starcraft for its performance and features.

Whatever the time of release, Starcraft 3 will make new records and break the internet once again. It is predicted to do better than Starcraft 2 and become a super hit. With millions of copies sold for the new game, the craze will take all over again no matter what other games come in future. Who knows the fans look forward for Starcraft 4 release date soon after the third instalment.

It felt like the end of an era for the fans when Starcraft revealed no plans for releasing another version of the game. However, the decision by Blizzard seems logical to put efforts into other projects and not Starcraft 3 this time. The video game raised the bar for all other games soon after its release. Journalists have always praised Starcraft for its performance and features.