explosion proof lighting

Explosion proof lighting is on the top of check lists when it comes to the safety protocols of a working place. This lighting system ensures that in case of an emergency, everyone reaches to a safe zone without any inconvenience. Although it is a reliable and durable lighting solution for even hazardous work places, yet innovators haven’t stopped at this but have developed a more impressive way to extend the life span of explosion proof lights and that is LED explosion proof lighting system.

LEDs had their birth in early 60’s and since then they have been top of line choice for lighting solutions. It might amaze someone to know that an average LED can have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, which if maintained with proper care can extend further beyond. In these six decades LEDs have seen phenomenal transformation and have been designed in innumerous shapes, styles, and with different power and life span.

Combining innovation with safety, explosion proof LED lighting is rapidly replacing traditional emergency lighting due to various comprehendible reasons. They have become top of the chart choice for industries where working environment is often considered hazardous due to the type of work that is carried out at their premises.

Patriot has, over the time, introduced LED explosion proof lighting series that is in absolute compliance with BAA and Buy American Requirements of ARRA, both!  Our lighting series are completely assembled in the United States of America, which makes them the first and foremost choice for government and private sector.

Patriot LED explosion proof lighting series is perfectly built for endurance and can withstand extreme environments and situations where dangerous materials, high temperature flames, vapors and higher degrees could easily make normal lighting redundant and useless. The word “explosion proof” in our lighting series is not just a phrase, but it signifies the hard work that we have put in the designing and testing of these lighting series, to make it more trustable for users. Afterall we know that our explosion proof lighting has to work when nothing works.

Our LED explosion proof lighting features a durable frame that is made out of copper free aluminum. The frame is further strengthened by a premium epoxy finish while the main light hub is protected by a tempered glass. The main function of explosion free lighting is to resist extreme pressure that is why our LED explosion proof lighting is protected by a heat sink technology to dispel any thermal built up in and around the lighting area. This not only enhances the performance of the lighting but also gives it extra hours in life. These carefully thought design and performance measures ensure operations of our lighting up to 150,000 hours. This is a very marvelous figure when it is compared with the traditional market lighting series available around.

Our clients trust us due to the striking features of our LED explosion proof lighting which includes but is not limited to 500% longer life, reduced energy costs, advanced thermal management and energy efficient luminaries. Our LED explosion proof lighting is available in different shapes and sizes in an A-S series that is conveniently catalogued at our website.