Top 3 considerations while choosing high bay LED lights

high bay LED lights

High bay lights, as their name indicates, are used to illuminate places with ceilings ranging from 20-45 feet. They provide a powerful light source and are perfect to light up large spaces. High bay lights found extensive use in the industrial or commercial areas. They are commonly used to brighten up assembly lines, workshops, gyms, factories, recreational facilities, warehouses, etc.

With the incorporation of LED technology, high bay lights have become even more popular. Industries preferably use high bay LED lights for clear and uniform lighting. With this emerging demand, many companies have started offering a variety of fixtures that can be used to set up high bay lighting. To help you find the right kind of product; we are here with some super tips for a reliable purchase. This article discusses some top considerations that can help you choose the rightproduct. So, let’s begin.

Right fixture design

In the past, the design of the light fixture was not a huge concern. Most of the fixtures were designed with a single lamp in them and were hung down the wires. When the lamp used to break down, people could easily relamp and reset the fixtures. However, this is not the case with present-day fixtures. They are designed in various forms containing hundreds of LED bulbs connected to a circuit board that is fixed in the walls. So, it is not easy to replace the fixtures every other day. Therefore, make sure you choose a reliable and suitably designed high bay LED light fixture that can serve you for considerably longer. For this purpose, we recommend you research first. Consult some lighting specialists and brief them about your space or area and then choose the right product with the right design.       

Determine quality by CRI & CCT

CRIand CCT are two key metrics to determine the quality of light. The first one refers to the ability of the light source to produce colors precisely and the second one indicates the color appearance of the white light used. High bay LED lights with CRI around 80 and CCT between 4000-5000K is best suited for almost any place. 

LED drivers

LED drivers must be the first-hand consideration when buying any LED fixture. Their main purpose is to produce a direct current of low voltage from alternating current of higher voltage. They prevent damages due to voltage fluctuations adding to the working hours of the light. Low-cost high bay LED lights are provided with drivers that last for much less working hours. It might reduce the working life of the fixture. So, make sure not to leave LED drivers out of the equation during your purchase.

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