What Features to Look for in Best N95 Face Masks

ALG Health N95 mask made in USA

It has been over a year and a half into the COVID-19 pandemic and Americans are still struggling in perspective of its consequences on health and the economy. Even though the USA’s response to the pandemic was not as prompt as it could have been, it took a couple of months for American PPE manufacturers to accept the challenge and ramp up production of highly coveted N95 face masks for protection against the contagious virus.

ALG Health is an American brand known for the highest standards in manufacturing N95 respirator masks and surgical masks to help save lives. Their state-of-the-art production facility has is capable of changing the future of PPE manufacturing in the USA with FDA and NIOSH certified respirators being acknowledged all over the world. The on-time delivery service is second to none which gives them a decisive and sustainable advantage over their competitors in the online market.

Disposable surgical masks are undeniably very effective for blocking airborne particles and respiratory droplets to keep you safe just as the N95 respirators do. However, the fitting of both masks makes all the difference and makes you decide which one’s a better option when you have to choose between the two. It is generally not possible to get an airtight seal with a surgical mask loosely fitted at the edges while N95 respirators are designed to form a snug seal with its pre-formed shape. So, you need to look for features that suit your purpose considering your potential exposure to pathogens in any given conditions. Here are the main features you cannot ignore while buying the best N95 face mask manufactured in USA.

Optimal Filter Efficiency

American-made N95 masks are approved and certified by NIOSH to authenticate them for providing at least 95% protection with its efficient filter. Designed to protect against wildfire smoke, air pollution, dust, and fumes, these respirator masks have a filter efficient enough to block particles as small as 0.3 microns in size. N95 particulate filtering facepiece respirators are the best option to contain the virus without spreading it out for reduced transmissibility of the pathogens.

Lightweight Construction

Face masks that are light in weight promote long wear time to carry out daily activities with ease. The latex-free dual head straps are stretchable to fit all face sizes and give good support to hold the mask in place. It is also essential to take care while donning and doffing the masks and handle them using ear loops or head straps to avoid contaminating the hands by touching the surface. Wearing these respirators for long work hours should also not cause discomfort in any way to discourage people from wearing them on regular basis during the coronavirus crisis. American-made N95 masks are therefore designed keeping every aspect in mind to make this practice of wearing masks easy and convenient for people. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends wearing masks in addition to other personal protection measures such as social distancing, avoiding crowds, and poorly ventilated spaces amidst crisis to slow down the spread of coronavirus and the new strains.

Proper Fitting 

Wearing the best N95 face mask offers more protection than double masking as long as it fits snugly on your face. There should be no gaps along the sides for potential aerosol leakage in and out of the mask to ensure that the filter will work efficiently. There are American-made N95 masks with adjustable nose clips to provide a custom fit and avoid making your eyewear foggy because of potential leakage. These are pre-formed masks to secure the seal around the edges without requiring readjustment.

Exhalation Valves 

Exhalation vents ease breathing for mask wearers while letting the exhaled air vent through the valve. The valve works as a dehumidifier to lessen the chances of fogging up glasses and keeping your face cooler. These respirator masks can be used in areas where the wearer needs personal protection against harmful particles in his surroundings not becoming a hazard himself. With COVID-19 in the air, it is essential to keep ourselves and the environment safe from contamination which makes an exhalation valve defeat the purpose of wearing masks by exhaling unfiltered air. It is therefore critical to wear a mask without an exhalation valve to prevent inhaling the air while also blocking the exhaled respiratory droplets from getting out of the mask.